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Beautiful, creative and natural wedding photography in Europe

Welcome! My name is Andrei, I am a wedding destination photographer from Moldova who is working throughout in Ireland, Italy and other countries of the Europe. I love meeting new people and visiting new places. Fortunately, being as a wedding photographer in Europe, allows me to combine all these interests that I am so passionate about. Considering my passions, destination weddings are something I particularly enjoy being a part of and I am happy to document the laughter, love and emotion of the big day.


The images I can capture are in documentary style with raw emotion and natural moments. I also enjoy shooting in a natural environment, with beautiful landscapes and natural scenery. In my life exist places where I gained a lot of experience by making wedding destination photography. By my services, these places are:


No matter the location or type of wedding, I will ensure we will incorporate the necessary aspects and ideal scenery. From elegant halls to outdoor weddings, my images will capture the big day by documenting moments and happiness. If you are interested in hearing more about what I can offer, please don't hesitate and contact me.


Andrei Zveaghintev - Professional destination studio photographer in Moldova, Ireland and Italy.